Free Seeds!! Orders over $100 will be eligible for 10 free regular seeds, shipping not included. If you prefer, you can choose 5 free feminized or auto-flower feminized seeds. 

When you order at Marijuana Seeds Express we offer a variety of different payment options: 

Free Seeds!! Orders  If you prefer, you can choose 5 free auto-flower feminized seeds. 

1. CASH 

Cash is the most discreet payment option that we offer. Simply send us the total amount to the address that will be provided. Upon receiving the full amount, your seeds will be shipped to you on the same day. Please do not send coins. We accept USD, CAD or EUR for cash transactions. A reference number, unrelated to your order number, will be sent with your confirmation email, we request that you include that in the envelope. For extra security, please wrap the cash in paper or tin foil.

2. ETransfer/Interac

For Canadian customers only we offer Interac transfer payments. Login to your major Canadian bank and setup an Email transfer to the email address provided when you complete your order. Please enter your order number as the question and “tspharm14” as the answer/password. When the payment is received, which only takes a few hours; your order will be shipped the same day.

3. PayPal

For International and Canadian customers we also offer our customers the option to send your payment through PayPal online. Simply log into you PayPal account, enter the email address that we will provide you, the amount and the currency you wish to send in (CAD, USD, or EUR). Upon receiving the payment, your order will be shipped the same day. 


Finally, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express Credit Cards. When choosing this payment option you can feel secure knowing that when you are billed it will be charged as “Online Marketing Service” as to insure your privacy and protection. 

Additional Information

- All orders will be shipped the same day that the payment is received. 

- Unless you choose to remain in our customer database, all information will be deleted when the order is complete.

- Please note that we do not accept personal checks. 

- Any additional questions please feel free to call, email or message us on our live chat to discuss in our hours of operations.